Charles C. Tucker is a native of Colorado. He has long enjoyed exploring wilderness and desert areas of the West. His early fascination with topographic maps ultimately evolved into a love of the law of property.

Tucker received his Juris Doctor degree from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. His course of study focused on estate planning and tax law. He won awards for legal writing and for working with nonprofit organizations.

After law school, Tucker served as law clerk for Judge Arnaud Newton in Fort Collins. He was employed as an attorney at the firms of Frey, Korb, Haggerty & Michaels, P.C.; Korb Tucker PLLC; and Peterson, Rosenberg PLLC. He is a contributor to The Colorado Lawyer, the journal of the Colorado Bar Association.

The Law Firm of CHARLES C. TUCKER PLLC in Fort Collins serves clients with estates of all sizes in Northern Colorado and surrounding areas. His practice includes a special emphasis on estate planning and administration for business owners, family farms and ranches, and owners of residential and commercial properties.