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If you were to become incapacitated or pass away suddenly, would your family and assets be protected? If you can’t answer confidently, then it’s time to contact an estate planning attorney.

A will or living trust allows you to leave a set of legally-binding instructions to provide for your spouse or children and to handle your property and business. A medical power of attorney and living lets you communicate your decisions about your medical care. With a financial power of attorney, you choose who will pay your bills and look after your assets in case you can't. You want to communicate your decisions in a legally-binding manner, and you want to know that your decisions will be carried out. Work with Attorney Charles C. Tucker to create a strong estate plan for you and your family.

Talk to Attorney Tucker about forming a trust, limited liability company, or corporation to protect your business, rental properties, farm, ranch, mineral and water interests, and other assets. Find out whether a marital or domestic partnership agreement, life insurance trust, special needs trust, or charitable trust might help you achieve your goals. Attorney Tucker has over 15 years of experience preparing these and many other types of estate planning, business, and real estate documents.

Most of us would rather not think about our own death or the possibility we may become incapacitated. But if you do not have a plan properly set up in advance, your wishes may not be fulfilled and your property may not be divided as you would have liked. Please contact Attorney Charles C. Tucker today to jump-start your estate plan!

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